About schools

The Presidential school is a public specialized educational institution, whose activities are aimed at ensuring the identification and training of gifted children for the training of highly qualified specialists.

Presidential schools are established by Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated February 20, 2019 № PP–4199 “On measures for the formation of Presidential schools” in the amount of 14 units in the Republic of Karakalpakstan, regions and the city of Tashkent.


 “Spring princesses”

Attention! Attention!

On March 5, 2021, on the occasion of “March 8 – International Women’s Day” at the Presidential School in Nukus the competition “Spring princesses” will be held. The competition is open to all girls from grades 6 to 10. The terms and conditions of the competition are as follows:

Part 1. “Princess in the mask.”
Participants introduce themselves in 3 different masks using the “Me: yesterday, today and tomorrow” method. That is, during the task, they talk about their past, achievements to date and future goals.

Time limit: 3 minutes.
Maximum score: 5 points

Part 2. “Question-Answer”.
The questions asked by the judges will determine and evaluate the intelligence, knowledge and responsiveness of the participants.

You are given 1 minute to think.
Maximum score: 5 points.

Part 3. “A gift to my mother.”
Participants should prepare a gift with a creative approach from what is given.

Time limit: 4 minutes
Maximum score: 5 points.

Part 4. “Free topic”. Contestants will demonstrate their talents by performing a pre-prepared performance, such as a monologue, expressive reading, stage-play (up to 3 assistants may be involved), dancing, or singing.

Time limit: 5 minutes
Maximum score: 5 points

Total: 20 points
Winners will be awarded in several nominations.

We invite our school princesses to take an active part in the competition.


The competition will be conducted in English!