STEAM education system has been chosen for the Presidential boarding schools, as this approach is the best way to form pupils’ skills necessary for the realization of their individual abilities in the modern world. STEAM education is based on an interdisciplinary and applied approach, as well as the integration of all five disciplines into a single training scheme.

For reference – STEAM (S – Science, T – Technology, E – Engineering, A – Art and M – Mathematics).

STEAM-disciplines (mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, computer science, design and technology, subjects of the “creativity” direction) are taught in English starting from the 5th grade, in connection with which conditions for in-depth study of the English language have been created in the Presidential boarding schools.

In high school (grades 10-11), pupils, based on their aptitudes and abilities, can choose at their discretion subjects that are studied at the profile and standard level. Deepening the study of mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology is carried out through the organization of project and research activities of students. At the end of high school graduates receive a secondary school diploma of the established state sample.

In the future, after passing the school accreditation in the relevant authorized international organizations, graduates will be able to take international qualification exams (International Baccalaureate, Advanced Placement or International Advanced Levels) and, if successful, to obtain an international diploma, providing the opportunity to enter the leading local and foreign higher education institutions.