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Presidential School

The Presidential school is a public specialized educational institution, whose activities are aimed at ensuring the identification and training of gifted children for the training of highly qualified specialists.

Presidential schools are established by Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated February 20, 2019 № PP–4199 “On measures for the formation of Presidential schools” in the amount of 14 units in the Republic of Karakalpakstan, regions and the city of Tashkent.

Our mission

«Training of future leaders of the nation, pupils who will win at international competitions, contests and enter the best universities of the world. We educate leaders who are competitive in the world labor arena»

The main goals of the Presidential school education

are to create the necessary conditions for the formation of a system of identification and training of gifted children through the use of advanced technologies in the educational process, as well as further support and encouragement of talented youth, providing guarantees for the education of the spiritually rich and intellectually developed generation.

Main tasks and priorities of the Presidential school:

identification, selection and training of children, creation of conditions for their all-round development, as well as disclosure of intellectual, scientific and creative potential of pupils;

organization of in-depth study of natural and exact sciences, development of foreign languages, engineering and information and communication technologies, creation of necessary conditions for the development of innovative ideas and developments of pupils;

establishment of cooperation with domestic and foreign similar institutions of General secondary and Higher education on ensuring the continuity of school curricula, further training of graduates in advanced foreign higher educational institutions and their branches in the republic.


Education at the Presidential School is provided completely free of charge. Submission of documents to the school is also free of charge. The State provides school uniforms, textbooks and six-course meals. To achieve a better education, there is also a hostel on the school grounds, which in turn is also free.

Powerful Alumni

Education in presidential schools lasts six years. Starting from the fifth grade ending with the eleventh. The education system is based on STEAM. Students study five days a week. They arrive at the hostel on Sunday evening and begin lessons on Monday morning. On Friday evening, after the end of all lessons, the students go home.

School equipments option

In addition to the standard equipment of educational institutions, our school is equipped with modern equipment specially designed to consolidate the theoretical knowledge of students. For classes in special subjects (STEAM), there are modern specially equipped classrooms. Information technology classrooms are equipped with modern computers, where students have the opportunity to conduct computer research outside the classroom, each classroom is equipped with Smartboards.

The school has a medical office equipped with all the necessary equipment, the health of students is constantly monitored by specialist doctors. The educational institution pays great attention to sports. The sports complex of the school is equipped with modern sports simulators. There is a swimming pool, basketball and football field at the disposal of pupils, also various of sports competitions are regularly held. There are more than 4 thousand different fiction and educational literature in the library of the school, where students can develop their knowledge in their free time.

  • Date of foundation: 2019
  • Address: Nukus city, Almazar street
  • Director: Maxmud Nasiror Ualievich
  • Phone number: +998 61 224-90-21
  • E-mail: info@nukuspm.uz
  • Specialization: Natural and exact sciences, foreign languages, engineering and information technology
  • Type of education: Co-education (boys and girls study together)
  • Grades: From 5 to 11
  • Number of teachers: The locals 20, Foreigners 7
  • Number of students: 157
  • Schools meals: 5 times a day, free of charge
  • School uniform: classic style uniform, free of charge
  • Dormitory: 3-storey dormitory, free of charge

Contact Info

Nukus Presidential School

O’zbekiston Respublikasi, Qoraqalpogʻiston Respublikasi, Nukus shahri, Olmozor ko‘chasi

+998 (71) 207-20-17 (150)

Mon – Fri 9:00A.M. – 5:00P.M.

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