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We don’t just give students the education and experience that sets them up for career success. We help them succeed in their careers – discover the field they are passionate about and dare to lead it.

About our school

We are one of the largest schools in Uzbekistan with more than 145 students in Nukus, and another 30,000 are enrolled in Presidential Schools in 12 provinces of the country.

The Presidential School was founded by Shafkat Miromonovich Mirziyoyev in 2019 for the public good and is recognized worldwide. Despite the short term, the Presidential School has repeatedly proved the level of its capabilities at various competitions and Olympiads. Remaining a world leader in secondary education, the school has pioneered changes in this sector.


The school provides all the material supplies. Including textbooks and school uniforms.

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Education at the school is based on the STEAM system, which is popular all over the world. This system is available thanks to Cambridge assessment international education.

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Our teachers guarantee admission to higher education institutions for their graduates. Such confidence is caused by merit at the most famous Olympiads of the country.

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Boarding school

Our school is a boarding school. Students live on the school grounds. They are provided with all amenities and full meals.

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Should I apply to the Presidential School?

The Presidential Library was founded by the initiative of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Miromonovich Mirziyoyev. The school is funded by the Presidential Apparatus itself and is controlled by PTMA using the Cambridge assessment international education system!


The STEAM education system was chosen for presidential boarding schools, as this approach is the best way to form students’ skills necessary for the realization of their individual abilities in the modern world. STEAM training is based on an interdisciplinary and applied approach, as well as the integration of all five disciplines into a single learning scheme.

For reference – STEAM (S – Science, T – Technology, E – Engineering, A – Art and M – Mathematics).

STEAM disciplines (mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, computer science, design and technology, subjects of the direction “creativity”) are taught in English starting from the 5th grade, and therefore conditions for in-depth study of English have been created in presidential boarding schools.


The main objectives of the Presidential School of Education are to create the necessary conditions for the formation of a system for identifying and educating gifted children through the use of advanced technologies in the educational process, as well as further support and encouragement of talented youth, ensuring guarantees for the upbringing of a spiritually rich and intellectually developed generation.


In high school (grades 10-11) students, based on their inclinations and abilities, can choose at their discretion the subjects that are studied at the profile and standard level. The deepening of the study of mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology is carried out by organizing project and research activities of students. Upon graduation from secondary school, graduates receive a certificate of secondary education of the established state standard.


Five-day training. Students spend 5 days at school and live in a dormitory, which in turn is provided free of charge!


Students are provided with five meals a day for free!


You can start studying at school only from the fifth grade. The training lasts 6 years and guarantees admission to Higher educational institutions!


If you wish, you can support the project and finance further development.

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