School Life

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Event and Traditions

The school takes students on various hikes from time to time, which are accompanied by the National Guard

The school has its own bus in which students are taken on various hikes. The bus is designed for all conditions

Student Activities

The school has a student council, which also has many rights. They can organize their own events.

Social Life

In order for students to stay in touch with everyone who is outside of school, all opportunities are organized. If there is a constant fast Internet connection. Parents can also come and see their children any day

The Campus Experience

Students live on the school grounds in the provided dormitory. In addition, students are recommended to attend various clubs, additional lessons and sports sections after compulsory lessons. A student is prepared five meals a day.


Very often, the school holds various events dedicated to certain holidays

Additional lessons

To strengthen their knowledge, students attend additional lessons


Various clubs are organized at the school: Coding Club, 3D Graphics, Robotics

Sports sections

Students have the right to attend sports sections.

Free food

Students receive free food every day. The school feeds the students five times a day. Also, the kitchen has a lot of experience in cooking various dishes. The students are very satisfied with the many types of dishes

Free time

In the rest of their free time, students can do whatever they want. They are provided with computers and free Internet access.

When I entered the school, I could not even imagine such opportunities!

Kazarova NodiraA student of the eleventh grade